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Chuck Wagon Daily Menu Items

    1 Meat Plate ...  12.98  

Choose any one of our tasty meats comes with 2 sides and Texas toast.

    2 Meat Plate ...  13.99  

Choose any 2 of our meats with 2 sides and Texas Toast.

    3 Meat Plate ...  16.97  

Choose any 3 meats with two sides and Texas toast Almost a pound of meat!

    3 Rib add on ...  8.75  

Add 3 of our big spare ribs to any of our plates or sandwhiches!

    Brisket Sandwich ...  6.49  

Comes with 4oz. of sliced brisket your choice of toppings all on a toasted bun. Don't forget to add some sides from our sides menu!

    ChuckWagon Sandwich (our signature) ...  7.99  

Up until now this sandwich has been a best kept secret. Loaded with brisket and sausage (spicy or mild) this sandwich is sure to be your favorite too!

    Sausage Sandwich ...  6.49  

Either spicy or mild sausage loaded up on our huge toasted bun!

    Chicken Sandwich ...  6.99  

Fresh pulled off the bone chicken on a toasted bun add your toppings and don't miss our signature white sauce!

    Pulled Pork ...  6.49  

Pulled as you order pork on a large toasted bun! 

Pounds and Whole Items
    Pound of Brisket ...  17.99
    Pound of Pork ...  11.75
    Pound of Sausage ...  11.49
    Slab of Ribs ...  24.65
    Whole Chicken ...  12.99
    Serving ...  1.99
    8oz. ...  2.59
    Pint ...  4.85
    Quart ...  8.75
    Gallon ...  26.75